Asia’s natural beauty is astounding, the value is high for the money, and it is actually much safer than other parts of the world. The beaches are beautiful, the weather is warm year-round, and each country has its own unique culture, food and landscape. Traveling solo in Asia can be ideal. Travel decisions can be made at the spur of the moment, based only on your own work/travel/budget situation. A solo traveler can move faster and see more.

I had started traveling solo several years before and caught the travel bug. I knew I needed to go half way across the world to Asia, the younger I was the better, but I didn’t have the time to plan a three-week Asia tour during due to me busy schedule back home and malignant, time-consuming job.

For travelers short on time, planning an adventure can be time consuming and cumbersome. Travel companies such as G Adventures and Intrepid Travel are ideal. They are “responsible” travel companies that offer a CEO (chief experience officer – not a bossy tour guide!) that help you along the journey. I have used both companies and never felt like a stereotypical tourist. These companies get you off the beaten track in a safe and time economical fashion. Accommodation and transportation are all tried and tested. The lodging was never fancy but very cute and unique.

Solo travel to Asia turned into a trip with friends