Juneau, Alaska not only stuns with natural beauty but offers original Gold Rush-era buildings, art galleries, museums, and colorful neighborhoods.  Our favorite viewpoint was the top of Mount Roberts.  On a clear day, it is almost impossible not to get a stunning photograph.  We took this photograph with our phone's camera.

Mount Roberts is easily accessible from the port.  For the active photographer, the Mount Roberts trail will take you through southeastern Alaska rainforest.  The Mountain House at the 1,800-foot level is surrounded by sub-alpine ecosystem.  Step on the surrounding trails and climb another 300 feet into the true alpine.  Scenic viewpoints will be present along the entire journey.  Bathrooms will be available at the Mount Roberts Tramway.

The trail system is well-marked, measuring 7.6 miles out and back with 3,733 feet elevation gain.  The tramway can cut the hike in half and will take you to 1,800 feet. If you only hike up, the tram back to the ship terminal will be free.  We were ready to pay for the journey back down, but no one would take our money!