Marrying into an Indian family offers many benefits, not to mention the emphasis on food and nutrition. In our family, food is life. We have the benefit of learning how to make many authentic Indian dishes from one of the best chefs in India, our Mom! Perhaps my favorite dish from our last visit to India is coconut chutney. Incredibly quick and easy, this dish adds a sweet, salty, and slightly sour flavor to two of our favorite foods, idli and dosa!

½ cup fresh coconut grated (I will use frozen when in a pinch)
2 tbsp dry roasted chana dal
2 branches curry leaves
3 Sprigs of cilantro
1 inch ginger
5 to 6 green chilies
Salt as needed
Water as needed, I recommend starting with ½ cup

Tadka/ Seasoning
¾ tbsp. oil
½ tsp mustard seed
½ to ¾ tsp urad dal
Pinch of hing

Method: Blend all the ingredients well without adding water. Scrape the sides and add water just as needed. Blend again. Adjust salt as needed. Heat a pan with oil on a low flame, add mustard and urad dal. Saute until golden. Pour this over the chutney.

All the ingredients you need for the recipe.